The natural resource wood is the traditional Center of the Erzgebirge folk art. An almost endless variety of crafts products - that is ore mountain wooden art. Original can be found on this Web site craft art from the Erzgebirge. The Ore mountains is often affectionately called "Christmas land", decorate the Christmas living rooms and Windows long ago around the world but the pyramid, smoking man, Nutcracker, lights arc, Angels and miners in the Ore mountains. Traditional companies from the region are presented here with their products, their functioning and their exhibitions and online shops. Editorially, the ore mountain artisans Portal is maintained by the Agency of Saxony. Thus, it is guaranteed that only really ore mountain artwork is offered. Smoking man, Angel, Bailey, flower or Easter article, whether ore mountain candle arches (in wood or metal), whether Moors carved, turned or cut leaves, whether Adventssterne, ornaments, chandelier, candles, incense and many other accessories, here you can get the whole full range of "Ore mountain folk art" - all guaranteed "real Ore mountains". Unique gifts with lasting value - birthday gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts,... original ore mountain folk art to arrive at all times well. Certainly the special gift idea for next Christmas is.


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