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Energie & Farbe

Energie & Farbe

Rundum-Wohlfühlen: Energetisches FarbCoaching, Wellness, Sem


Main focus of the supply of energy & color

is the life advice on personal development and support in turbulent times. You choose the colors, you are currently the most talking and I will accompany you in the decryption of messages of your color choice. I advise it to all areas of your private and professional life; of the pregnancy, birth, childhood, adult from and - are up in age and mortality processes. ~ ~ ~ Regularly held seminars around to paint. The newsletter of energy & color. ~ ~ ~ You can experience color correspond at the tranquil Wellnesprogramm via a color light field with the fragrance and the corresponding sound of healing to the color or your current theme. Low-slung pattern can be solved this and your body, your mind and your soul learn a healing vibration on their original rhythm. Address me like! I'll gladly come to lectures to your groups!

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Nelkenstrasse 1
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76135 Karlsruhe

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0721 / 911 17 95
0152 24805105

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