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Abendroth Architekten

Abendroth Architekten


Solar architecture is oriented and referred to specific buildings from the character at the draft. It has itself to produce shown that it is possible in an inexpensive way with solar draft techniques, interior conditions probably-kept at a moderate temperature, in those the users probably-feels. A passive house is a building, which is kept comfortably warm from the sun, from internal heat sources and from warmth won back - therefore it does not need separate active heating system more. The passive house is a consistent advancement of the low-energy building, necessarily however around 80% less heating energy. Converted into fuel oil a passive house gets along in the year with less than 1.5 l per square meter. This sensational saving reaches the passive house alone by its two basic principles: Calorific losses avoid and free heat gains optimize! A very well dammed building cover with damming strengths between 25 and 40 cm as well as windows with three-fold thermic protection glazing and dammed frameworks cause that the warmth in the house b…

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