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Bilder der Natur

Bilder der Natur

Bilder aus einem naturnahen Garten bei Berlin


With our natural garden we show the beauties of predominantly indigenous plants and the possibilities for the creation of Habitat on 1000 m² for our domestic animals. That ranges from nests, hedgehog quarter, insect wall and suitable forage plants to the garden pond without fish, but with dragonflies, frogs, newts and many other water inhabitants. Also "two small horses live" with us. Dearum are our summer guests also barn swallows in the horse stable. Therefore, we are "swallow-friendly house" since 19.06.2012. A real natural garden requires thinking in ecological contexts and is therefore an ongoing task for his owner. You can live nature conservation, which is much more than just talking about. In a series of photographs is to see how a Dragonfly slips on our Web site. In the image archive, sorted by all "pictures of the week" can be found after quarters. Thus, a virtual walk through the flora and fauna of our garden is possible. Discover the diversity of colours and shapes our local nature in a small space.

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